Who Is Eligible?

Eligible participants must:

•    Be a U.S. citizen or a qualified alien.
•    Have legally owned and occupied a single-family dwelling or mobile home in an affected county as their primary residence during the disasters.
•    Have sustained damages directly linked to one of the eligible disasters.
•    Be in need of outstanding repairs.
•    Be current on property taxes or have an approved payment plan or tax exemption.
•    Allow access to the property for all necessary Program staff.
•    Have legal authority to enter into grant agreement.

Owner-occupied single-family or mobile homes with outstanding repairs from 2017 and 2018 disasters are eligible.

Eligible households are prioritized based on income, location, and severity of damage. Funds are prioritized for low- to moderate-income households. Income classification is based on federal definitions.

How Do Households Apply?

1.    Interested households should fill out an online survey at recover.hcd.ca.gov.
2.    Case managers will review surveys and prioritize households by income, location, and severity of damage into one of eight tiers.
3.    The application will open in phases, starting with Tier 1 and followed by subsequent tiers until the funding is expended. Survey respondents in each phase will be invited to complete an application.

Case managers are working with eligible applicants right now. Please contact the Program if you have any further questions Case Managers.